Earn rewards on every payment

Why pay bills through your bank, when you could be earning points towards your next trip by paying everything with a premium credit card.

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Fly business class to London twice a year

When you stack up the rewards and savings against the cost of paying your bills with Bluechain, you’d have to be crazy to pay your bills any other way. Over the course of a year, a small business with expenses of $20,000 per month could realise over $13,000 in value, with enough reward points to pay for two business class tickets to London.*

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* Example based on Amex.

"Bluechain makes it easy to collect and process payments as well as move-in bonds from our residents."

John Kinsella

Managing Director, Structure Building Management

"Bluechain is a perfect synergy for Brandscope. It’s a game-changer for supplier and retail partners."

Simon Blockey

Managing Director, Brandscope

"Bluechain’s integration into Xero is fantastic! All my clients will want to pay and be paid by Bluechain."

Joseph Lombardi

Partner, Lombardi Partners

Save time and money

Paying all your bills with a premium credit card saves time and money, and boosts your rewards — Deloitte reports that paying by credit or debit card is up to 73% cheaper.

Pay anywhere with American Express

Get rewarded for your business expenses, even where American Express, Mastercard or Visa aren’t accepted. You can earn rewards on so much more, including your tax, super, stock purchases, office supplies, and rent.

Get a better deal

Most credit and charge cards give you up to 55 days to pay. By paying immediately you can negotiate early payment discounts with your billers and suppliers. Then use scheduling to lock in discounts and avoid late payment fees.

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Need more time?

When you purchase stock with Bluechain, you can extend payment terms to 90 days. That’s up to 145 days credit on stock purchases. We pay your supplier’s invoice on the date they want to get paid, and you pay on 90 days.

Trade Finance

Pay direct from your accounting software

Enjoy the convenience of paying direct from Xero or MYOB. Save time by automatically posting, scheduling, reconciling, and adjusting bills.

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How it works


Enter the bill in the app or your accounting software. Bills from Bluechain billers are entered automatically.


Approve for immediate payment or schedule for the due date.


We charge your card and use the funds to pay your bill.

Cost vs benefit

The benefits easily outweigh the cost, typically yielding a net benefit between 5% and 8%, depending on the size and nature of the expense (see table below for estimated ranges). There are no joining or setup fees, you just pay a convenience fee, which is more than recovered through reward points earned on the transaction See: How much are my reward points worth?, the tax savings, and early payment discounts. There are additional savings, not shown in the table below, on interest charges and administrative costs when paying by card (Deloitte reports that paying with card is 72% more efficient than manual processing) and automatic posting and reconciliation in accounts.

Component Description Benefit

Convenience fee

Convenience fee

The convenience fee covers the cost of processing the payment.

–1% to –1.95%*

Reward points

Reward points

Payments on American Express cards typically attract 2 points per dollar, with an average value of 2 cents per point—that is, an average of around 4%.

2% to 6%*

Tax benefit

Tax benefit

Convenience fees are tax deductible. Additional tax savings can be realised by redeeming points for personal travel and purchases.

0.5% to 1.5%

Early payment discount

Early payment discount

Scheduling the payment at the time of entry saves on missed prompt payment discounts (2% to 5%) and late payment fees (e.g. Telstra charges $15 for late payments—that’s a 5% penalty on a $300 bill).

2% to 5%

* Costs and benefits depend on the type of card used. See How much does it cost to pay my bills with Bluechain Reward payments?

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