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Bluechain makes paying and getting paid simple. Improve your cashflow, earn rewards, and save time on accounts.

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Less fuss. More choice. More rewards.

Revolutionise your bill payments and invoicing by integrating Bluechain with your accounts software.

Integrate accounts

Bluechain helps small business and their suppliers access finance and smooth cashflow up and down the supply chain.

Improve cashflow

Bluechain gets you flying sooner. Pay any bill with a credit card to earn reward points, even where cards aren’t accepted.

Earn rewards

Simplify your payments

With Bluechain, you can pay any bill with a credit or debit card, get access to finance, integrate payments with Xero, pay payroll and super, send payment requests, view the status of payments in real time, view your payments history, and so much more.

“Bluechain makes it easy to collect and process payments as well as move-in bonds from our residents.”

John Kinsella

Managing Director, Structure Building Management

“Bluechain is a perfect synergy for Brandscope. It’s a game-changer for supplier and retail partners.”

Simon Blockey

Managing Director, Brandscope

“Bluechain’s integration into Xero is fantastic! All my clients will want to pay and be paid by Bluechain.”

Joseph Lombardi

Partner, Lombardi Partners

All you need is a credit card

Open the app, add a credit or debit card and you can start earning rewards on your payments. Connect to Xero to save time and effort paying bills.

Stay informed

You get updates on your customers’ intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule or reject bills. Bluechain billing gives unparalleled insight into your debtors risk and cash flow.

Bill management

Simplify your payments today

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