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Smarter payments

Get more choice on how and when you pay. Spend less time on payments and more time on the things that matter.

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Pay from Xero

Smarter billing

Cut your collection costs by knowing which customers have scheduled to pay their bill and when. Get informed today.

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Bill from Xero

“Bluechain provides me with the right mix of control and automation. I can schedule and pay my bills as they come in, and my bookkeeper and Xero are kept up-to-date.”

Steve Hazell

Owner, NRS Courier

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“Integrating Bluechain’s bill payment platform with our Xero accounts has been a huge time-saver for me and my bookkeeper.”

Andrew Salmon

Owner, The Rabbithole

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More choice

Supports credit card, BPAY, bank account, or buy-now-pay-later services. Choose to pay now or schedule for later, pay in full or part pay, pay one bill or by batch.
Smarter payments

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Less fuss

You’ll love the convenience of fully integrating your payments, billing and reconciliations with your accounts. Spend less time on doing a better job.
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