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This policy applies to all transactions made to, from or with a Bluechain application.

We may amend this policy from time to time. An updated version of this policy will be published on the Bluechain website. By continuing to use the Bluechain service, you acknowledge your acceptance of the application of this policy.

IMPORTANT. This policy applies only in relation to merchants who are participating merchants, meaning merchants who have entered into an agreement with Bluechain regarding their use of the Bluechain system (which includes them complying with this policy).  Note, however, that it is possible to use the Bluechain app to make payments to merchants who are outside the Bluechain system (i.e. they have no agreement with Bluechain and therefore are not participating merchants) and in that case this policy does not apply in relation to them.

Claiming a refund from a participating merchant

Bluechain requires that each of its participating merchants have and adhere to fair and transparent refund policies to allow refunds where the goods or services you have purchased:

  • have not been delivered or have been damaged in transit, or
  • are not of acceptable quality, or
  • do not match their description.

Unless otherwise agreed with a participating merchant, you are responsible for returning the product to that merchant, unless the cost of doing so is significant.

Before making a purchase from a participating merchant, please ensure that you read and understand the terms governing your purchase from that participating merchant. Some participating merchants may have more generous refund policies than set out in this policy.

For further information about your refund rights, visit the website of your local consumer affairs or fair trading agency.

If you believe that you have a right to claim a refund from a participating merchant, you must contact the merchant and lodge a refund request directly with said merchant. The participating merchant will initiate a refund through Bluechain to refund said funds back to your primary linked account.

Refusing a refund request

The circumstances in which a participating merchant may refuse to give you a refund include where:

  • there is no problem with the relevant product or services and you have simply changed your mind,
  • you have misused the product or service in any way that contributed to the problem, or
  • you asked for a service to be performed in a certain way contrary to the advice of the participating merchant.

For further information about your refund rights, visit the website of your local consumer affairs or fair trading agency.

Payment errors

If you believe that:

  •  you have sent a payment, wholly or partially, in error or by mistake; or
  • a payment from your account was unauthorised,

(each a “Disputed Payment”) then please tap the Support tab in the Bluechain app and log a ticket request. In the request, you must provide sufficient detail to allow Bluechain to identify and investigate the Disputed Payment, including:

  • the Bluechain Invoice Number, and
  • the nature of the error, mistake or the reason why you believe the payment was unauthorised.

Whether you are the payer or recipient of a Disputed Payment, Bluechain may request further information or documentation from you for the purpose of investigating it. You must comply with that request and cooperate generally with Bluechain in its investigation.

If you are the participating merchant to who received a Disputed Payment and Bluechain determines that the payment was unauthorised or has been made in error or by mistake, then you must repay the relevant amount.

Disputing a transaction

If your dispute does not relate to a Disputed Payment (as described above) then in various circumstances your issuing institution (i.e. the financial institution with which you hold the bank account or debit/credit card that was accessed via the Bluechain app) will provide a process for disputing a transaction.

To raise a dispute about the transaction, contact your issuing institution and request that a dispute be raised in relation the transaction.  Note that in some cases you may be asked to show that you have already tried to resolve the issue with the participating merchant.

Charging for a refund request or disputing a transaction

You will not be charged by Bluechain for making a refund request or disputing a transaction in relation to a participating merchant.  Please check your agreed terms with your issuing institution to find out if it charges for such requests or disputes.

This right means that, subject to any exceptions to this right ordinarily applicable by law, we will send a copy of your data in a commonly used and machine-readable format to you or a person/organization appointed by you, where technically feasible.

Your choices

How to deactivate your account

To deactivate your account, please send an email with the subject “Please deactivate my account” to [email protected]. We will contact you within one business day, providing you with instructions on how to deactivate your account.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy practices, please feel free to send in details of your complaints to Level 11, 555 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000, Australia. We take complaints very seriously and will try to resolve any complaints within 10 working days after receiving written notice. If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, you may apply to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) to have the complaint heard and determined. When we write to you about our decision, we will explain how you may make a complaint to the OAIC.