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Remove the barriers

Your Xero bills are delivered direct to your customers’ payment app. The customer simply approves payment for the due date on their phone and chooses whether they want to pay with a bank account or a credit card. They can even set up an autopayment (like a direct debit) in the app. Because it is so convenient, the customer is more likely to approve the payment on the spot, reducing the risk that they will forget to pay by the due date. You get paid faster, and your customers will love the convenience.


Get updates in real time

Bluechain billing intelligence gives unparalleled insight into your debtors risk and cash flow. Bluechain updates the Expected Date of invoices in Xero as your customers accept and schedule bills. And with an early view of your customer’s intent to pay, you’ll get more accurate forecasts of your cash flow, helping you to better manage your own payments and your product or service delivery.

It’s easy to get started

All you need is a Xero account. There are no setup or subscription fees. You don’t even need merchant faciltiies to accept card payments. Just follow the link to add Bluechain as a payment service in your Xero account.

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R2P: the future of payments

Bluechain uses the latest R2P technology to accelerate your Xero Accounts Receivable. When a customer chooses to pay by Bluechain, a “request to pay” (R2P) is sent direct to their phone, where they can view and immediately approve the payment without having to log into their bank or type in credit card details. It’s the most convenient and the safest way to pay bills.

Discover why R2P is the future of payments

Your customers will love it

Bluechain is great for customer service because we put control back into the customers hands, giving them the freedom to pay the way they want, when they want. No more direct debits means no more dishonour fees or phone queues.

How it works

Every invoice you send from Xero contains a “Pay with Bluechain” button. When the customer taps the button, Bluechain sends an R2P to the Bluechain app on their phone. The R2P contains all the invoice details, including the invoice number, line items, due date and the amount due. The customer simply selects which card or bank account they want to pay from, and then chooses when to pay. They can pay the invoice immediately or select the due date or another future date. As soon as the payment is scheduled, Bluechain updates the Expected Date in Xero, removing all the guesswork from managing your debtors. And when the invoice is paid, Bluechain automatically marks the invoice as paid and updates the Paid Date in Xero.

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