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Domestic schemes offer better choices

Despite regulatory reforms and the introduction of real-time settlement systems, today’s payments industry still suffers from a litany of problems, many of which are related to the card-based technologies that still underpin in-store and online payments: Card-not-present (CNP) payments are the major cause of card fraud. Card-on-file (COF) exposes consumers to a high risk of data breach and identity theft….

Going cashless: what are the barriers?

What are the barriers to going cashless?

Much has been written about the advantages of the cashless society, but the barriers to going cashless are many and varied, and the importance of each can change with geography and demography. In the developing world, the issues of going cashless or cash-lite are largely about financial inclusion, i.e. access to banking services, access to technology, and cost, whereas in…

5 benefits of redefining domestic payment schemes

The global payments paradigm is changing. Worldwide, the dominant international card schemes battle against ever-increasing fraud, exposing their underwhelming response to the emergence of card-not present transactions. In the developing world, banks are looking to mobile technologies to capture payments by the unbanked and remove reliance on cash. And in the first world, disruptors are carving out pieces of the…

Bluechain will preview its next-gen domestic payment scheme at the Central Bank Payments Conference June 26-28

If you plan to attend the Central Bank Payments Conference in Amsterdam 26–28 June 2017,  be sure to connect with us for a preview of our new domestic payment platform and discover how it fosters cash-lite and inclusive economies, provides greater control over data sovereignty, reduces fraud, and lowers costs. Our Managing Director of Africa, Yoku Korsah will be coordinating…