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Bluechain request-to-pay

Request-to-pay: a better a way to pay

In a survey of UK payments users (World Class Payments Report, Payments UK, www.paymentsuk.org.uk), customers expressed the need for “more choice and control over the timing and method of their payments”. Payments UK identified four capabilities as priorities for giving customers more control, simpler access, better information and improved confidence in their payments. One of those priorities is request-to-pay (RtP),…

Authorized push payment (APP) fraud on the rise

The introduction of near-real-time payments in the UK, USA, EU and Australia has seen a sharp rise in authorized push payment (APP) fraud. APP fraud involves a deception in which the fraudster convinces an individual to make a payment under false pretences, typically by sending a convincing but fraudulent invoice or by diverting payment away from the legitimate service provider….