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How do I get started?

Firstly, you need to register as a Bluechain user. You will then be directed to download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is intuitive and easy to use. If you do need help, you can contact our Help Desk directly from the app.

How much does it cost to pay my bills with Bluechain Reward Payments?

There are no joining fees or subscriptions. A convenience fee is added to the payment. The fee depends on the card type:

  • American Express 1.95% + GST
  • Visa/Mastercard credit card 1.8% + 50c + GST
  • Visa/Mastercard debit card 1% + 50c + GST

These costs are more than offset by reward points, tax savings, early payment discounts, and administrative savings, where applicable. For more information, see Reward Payments.

How much are my reward points worth?

The value realised from reward points depends on several factors, including what you purchased, the type of card you have, and what you redeem them on. The best value comes from flight upgrades, followed by flights, followed by store purchases. For example, for each $1000 you spend, you typically earn 2000 Amex reward points1. When transferred to, say, the Qantas frequent flyer program, you get 1000 points, which if redeemed on a flight upgrade can be worth up to $64 or 6.4% of the original spend2. That’s at the top end, but on average, you can expect to realise around 4% of your original spend when redeeming points.

1. The rate varies between 1 and 4 points per dollar depending on the purchase and the American Express card used.
2. www.finder.com.au–frequent flyer analysis

How many interest-free days do I get?

The interest-free days is the time from when you buy something with your credit card to when interest is applied to that purchase by the card issuer. It can range up to 55 days, depending on which card you use and when you make a purchase in the 30-day billing cycle. For example, if your card has 55 days interest-free, then you don’t need to pay the amount due until 25 days after you receive your next statement. So, to maximise your interest-free days, make the purchase on the first day of a new billing cycle and pay the closing balance by the due date shown on the statement. Check out this example provided by Amex

How do I submit a bill for payment?

Simply enter the details of the bill in the Bluechain app or in your accounting software, choose whether you want to pay the bill immediately or schedule for a future date, and then approve for payment. It’s all done in the app.

Can I pay bills from my accounts?

Yes, Bluechain can be readily integrated with most popular accounting software packages, such as Xero. After you have posted the invoice in your accounts, a payment request is sent to your phone to approve the payment. To find out more, see Integration.

Does the biller need to accept payment by credit card?

No, we’ll pay them direct so that you can earn reward points on your credit card.

How safe is Bluechain?

Bluechain uses a multi-factor authentication protocol to keep your information safe. The security measures employed by Bluechain exceed any other payment system currently in use anywhere in the world. Only you can authorise payment from your linked accounts and then only from a device that has been registered by you with Bluechain. For more information, see Security.

Can I also send bills to my customers?

Yes. Firstly, register as a biller, and then start signing up your customers to Bluechain Reward Payments. You can even earn extra income by joining the Referral Partner Program. For more information, see Billing.

Is there anything that can’t be paid with Bluechain Reward Payments?

The list of prohibited payments can be found in the User Agreement.

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