PayDock goes mobile

SYDNEY/MELBOURNE – 5 December 2018 – Australian e-merchant enabler PayDock will offer a new, secure, mobile-friendly payment option to its range of existing payment connection options. The new website plug-in will provide access to checkout via Bluechain, one of Australia’s new breed of fintechs.

Conventional checkout processes for online shopping carts require the customer to type in their credit or debit card details, which typically includes the cardholder’s name, a 16-digit card number, the expiry date and a three-digit security code printed on the back of the card. The new Bluechain payment option simplifies the checkout process, allowing registered customers to quickly and safely pay on their mobile.

Enabled Customers can link any of their cards or bank accounts to their Bluechain profile, and when they receive a payment request from a store or an invoice from a biller, they select which account they want to pay from and, optionally, when they want the payment to be made, and then simply confirm the payment. The payment is completely secure because the details of a registered customer and their accounts are never revealed to the merchant or biller, so the customer’s personal information can never be stolen or misused.

The PayDock payment platform enables merchants and billers to connect to their PSPs using one API and one dashboard, and also offer a payment scheduling service, such as when purchasing a subscription or an insurance premium. Bluechain avoids the need for direct debits, which will be popular with consumers stung by the high fees charged by the banks when there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment.

The latest inclusion of Bluechain in the new PayDock payment platform will not only be simpler and safer for consumers, it will also streamline the checkout process and provide a wider range of mobile-friendly payment options significantly reducing cart abandonment for today’s increasingly mobile consumer. Safer, simpler and less chargebacks all adds up to a better experience for both consumers and merchants.

About PayDock

PayDock’s vision is to return payments simplicity and power to merchants. PayDock’s easy to use yet sophisticated API allows merchants to connect all their payment services and gateways via one integration and dashboard, yet retain centralised control of customers and payment sources. Aside from reducing cost and risk, this also future-proofings a sophisticated payment strategy. Native features in the PayDock platform include recurring payment service, compliance-as-service, fail-over payment capability and independent card storage vault.


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About Bluechain

Bluechain technology is powering solutions for the payments industry around the globe, from versatile request-to-pay (RTP) solutions for acquirers and gateways to low-cost domestic payment schemes for central banks and national switches. The same easy-to-use mobile payment app is used for every RTP transaction, so consumers have the same, simple user experience whether they are paying in-store, purchasing online, paying bills or sending money peer-to-peer. Whatever the application, Bluechain solutions offer greater security, simplicity and control in every payment situation.


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