Bluechain targets accounting sector with business-friendly payments

MELBOURNE – 29 September 2020 – Australian payments company Bluechain Pty Ltd continues to broaden its appeal to small-medium business users with today’s announcement that they have added direct bank account payments to their growing list of payment options. This follows a string of similar announcements that are clearly targeted at the accounting sector and users of the popular Xero accounting package.

Bluechain’s CEO, Mike McAuley, said “Empowering choice in payments has always been a key Bluechain philosophy. Our latest partnerships enable our users to choose from bank accounts as well as a variety of cards. In addition to giving users greater choice and control of their payments, Bluechain offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in managing payments from Xero.”

Central to Bluechain’s appeal to SMEs is allowing business owners to modify and approve payments without the need to log into Xero or their bank portal. And everything the business owner does on the app is reflected in Xero and assigned to the appropriate Xero account for reconciliation.

Core features of the product include the ability to schedule payments, create automatic payment rules, part-pay bills, and manage bulk payments. Other recent enhancements for Xero allow users to map multiple payment methods from the Bluechain app for automatic reconciliation in Xero and turn on automatic remittance advices for suppliers paid through Bluechain.

Bluechain has experienced remarkable growth in the Australian payments sector, largely driven by its successful integration with Xero – the darling of the SME accounting sector. According to Bluechain, over the last year, their transaction volume has grown at an impressive average of 340% quarter-on-quarter.

According to Mr McAuley, “Our appeal to SMEs and accountants is key to the roll out of Bluechain in new geographies through partnerships with accounting software providers and our referral partners.”

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