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By creating a Bluechain eCard, you accept the terms and conditions set out in this document. This document replaces any previous terms or conditions agreed in connection with the creation of any Bluechain eCard.

This document forms part of a broader agreement between you and us, as described in the User Agreement that you have agreed with us.

1. Definitions

All terms defined in the User Agreement have the same meaning in this document. In addition the following terms have the corresponding meaning in this document:

  • “Payment” means a payment pursuant to an approval by you of a payment request or pay anyone from an Eligible Account.
  • “eCard” is the notional card on the Platform that defines a corresponding Eligible Account held by you with the relevant Account Provider.
  • “Eligible Account” means a valid credit card or debit card account, or an account held with any Account Provider in Australia that has a valid BSB and account number.

2. Payments from account

We use multiple Payment Providers to provide the Services. By adding an eCard you also agree to the Payment Provider’s Terms and Conditions:

eCard TypeProviderT&Cs that you must read and accept before adding the eCard
Bank AccountZepto

When you approve a payment, or approve a request to make a payment, via the Platform (or a person acting on your behalf does so) from an Eligible Account (whether immediately or at a specified future date), you authorise us, through the relevant Payment Provider, to debit on or shortly after the relevant date the amount from the Eligible Account associated with the eCard that you selected for payment.

You must ensure that at all times you have sufficient funds or credit in the relevant Eligible Account to honour payments that you have requested be debited.

We may refuse to make a payment requested or approved by you if for any reason it is rejected by, or unacceptable to, the relevant Account Provider (e.g. your bank may reject it due to an inadequate credit limit) or Payment Provider (e.g. your Account Provider prohibits some kinds of payment, or payment to some types of recipient).

3. Stopping or reversing a payment

3.1 Stopping a future payment

If you wish to stop a scheduled future payment, then you may cancel or change the payment on the Platform before the applicable scheduled date. If you do not stop or change the payment by that date then we will process (or attempt to process) the payment through the relevant Payment Provider from the applicable account.

3.2 No payment reversals (charge backs)

Despite any right that you might have under the applicable agreement between you and the relevant Account Provider (e.g. your bank) to obtain a reversal of a payment made from your account, you must not request or obtain any reversal or charge back of any such payment where it was made in connection with Bluechain’s Services, as Bluechain is unable to require that the merchant refund the payment. Instead you should raise the dispute directly with the relevant Merchant.

4. Account details

4.1 Validation

We may validate the details of your Eligible Account with your Account Provider by processing up to two small transactions. These validation transactions will be credited back to your account after your eCard is activated or you decide not proceed with the activation. The funds will be made available to your account in accordance with your Account Provider’s standard processing times.

4.2 Changes to account details

If the details of your Eligible Account or associated credit or debit card change, including the card number or type, then you must create a new eCard for the account which will be subject to validation as described above before becoming operational.

4.3 Changes to the expiry date

When the expiry date of a credit card or debit card for your Eligible Account changes, you must update your eCard with the new expiry date. Failure to update the expiry date may result in a payment being dishonoured by your Account Provider.

5. Cancelling an eCard

We may cancel or suspend an eCard at any time. This might occur, for example:

  • in the instance of dishonoured or rejected payments;
  • where there has been a change to the card or associated account or its expiry date is reached and you have not replaced or updated it as described above;
  • where the relevant Account Provider has suspended your account with them due to any non-compliance by you with the applicable agreement with your Account Provider; or
  • if we reasonably suspect fraudulent information has been provided in relation to an eCard.