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One payment experience

With Bluechain Request to Pay (R2P), there are no complicated authentications. The same easy-to-use app is used for every transaction, so consumers have the same, simple user experience whether they are paying in-store or online, paying bills or sending money to friends and family. And merchants and traders use the same app to request payments and send bills as their customers do to receive and authorize payments. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.


The Bluechain POS solution sets new benchmarks for affordability and security. Merchants can use any smart device to process R2P transactions, so there’s no need for expensive terminals. And chargebacks are a thing of the past because the customer approves every transaction.

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The Bluechain webstore solution eliminates the common causes of fraud in card-not-present transactions. When checking out, the details of the R2P request is sent to the customer’s mobile device. The customer can verify the online merchant is bona fide because of the patented R2P process. The customer approves every payment, so nothing happens without their knowledge and approval.

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Billers send invoices as R2P requests direct to their customers’ registered mobile phone. The customer can view the details of the invoice before they accept the request for payment. And the biller is kept continuously informed as customers approve, schedule or reject bills, providing unparalleled insight into their cashflow risk.

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Bluechain R2P lets you pay and request payment from anyone on the Bluechain network. You can also invite anyone to join the Bluechain network using a mobile number or email address. Whether you are sending money across the room or across town or to the other side of the world, users follow the same, simple process.

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Accept any payment: nearby, online and remote

Bluechain works everywhere, in every payment situation. It even works when one of the parties doesn’t have Bluechain. Payment (R2P) requests from merchants, billers and individuals are processed by the local switch, which sends domestic and international transactions to the local Bluechain service for authorization. Approved domestic transactions are processed by the switch through its normal clearing and settlement processes, and cross-border push and pull transactions are directed to the relevant Bluechain service via the international Bluechain Scheme.

Works on any device

The Bluechain payment platform supports a wide variety of user devices and communications methods. The Bluechain app can be installed on most modern Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. Devices communicate with each other securely via Bluetooth and to Bluechain cloud services by the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. The diagrams below show just a few of these combinations.

Pay in-store

Pay bills

Pay online

Send money

Secured by Bluechain

A Bluechain-secured card is the safest way to shop online. Bluechain applies the same high level of security to card-not-present online transactions that it does to card-present in-store purchases. As a Bluechain partner, you’ll not only protect your customers from fraud, but also create new opportunities to attract new customers. And the more your customers use their Bluechain-secured cards, the lower your fraud risk and fraud costs will be.

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