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Bluechain’s Request to Pay (RTP) Overlay drives up transaction volumes by adding new cashless payment channels and facilitating low-cost merchant acquisition.

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What is the Bluechain RTP Overlay?

Customers access payment services through white-labelled Bluechain RTP apps and plug-ins. The Bluechain Switch Overlay connects your members’ white-labelled mobile apps and website plug-ins, verifies certificates, and sends transactions to the switch for processing. The switch then processes approved domestic transactions and directs cross-border transactions to the international Bluechain Scheme.

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Channels for every payment

Offer your members a complete range of RTP channels for in-store, e-commerce, m-commerce, billing and person-to-person payments. Fill the gaps in your service offering and create new opportunities for growth in domestic and cross-border transactions.

Low-cost merchant RTP

Bluechain-powered RTP payment systems can be rolled out to merchants without the need for expensive POS hardware. The payment and POS app is installed on a merchant’s existing smartphone or tablet, including most modern Android and iOS devices. The app is also easy to use, ensuring it is accessible to merchants with limited financial literacy. And fees are kept low by removing the most common causes (and costs) of fraud.


Increase your share of the cashless revolution and domestic revenues currently lost to the international card schemes and mobile money wallets. More channels means more transaction revenues, more virtual card issuance revenues, and more merchant service revenues.


Capture more cross-border revenues with low-cost, person-to-person remittance services. Members provide settlement services at local rates and Bluechain accesses wholesale currency conversion through its international partners.

White-labelling makes sense

By rebranding the Bluechain mobile payment app, e-commerce plug-in, and billing API, members can access the latest payment technologies in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Our innovative technologies will also cut their operating costs by reducing card management and fraud overheads.

Strengthen existing relationships

Stop disruptors and fragmentation with an industry-backed solution rolled out in partnership with member banks. Lower establishment and operating costs ensure that members are more agile and able to respond to competitors with products that do more and cost less. And by offering better products and services, members also build stronger bonds with their customers.

Your new channels could be live in just 6 months

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