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Locally managed, internationally connected

Each Bluechain installation consists of a payment server and profile server, which process requests from local Bluechain app users and Bluechain APIs. Payment requests from white-labelled Bluechain apps, website plug-ins and APIs are authenticated by the payment and profile services, and if the user is not local, the request is directed to the relevant service via the international Bluechain Scheme.

Bluechain switch overlay

Protect data sovereignty

All account and card data is domestically owned by the local Bluechain service, maintaining data sovereignty and protecting domestic industries from foreign political interference via international schemes domiciled abroad.

Settle without a secure pipe

Bluechain secures the message, so settlements can be sent “in the clear”. This removes the need for costly point-to-point secure pipes. The privacy of transactions can be secured using standard (SSL2) systems without worrying about the security of the transaction.

Flexible licensing

Bluechain’s licensing model has the flexibility to cater for the varied needs of different payment processors, from national switches to local banks and payment gateways.


Bluechain’s innovative security technology does not use tokens and eliminates the need for exposing cardholder data or bank account details during a transaction. Funds cannot be debited without the knowledge and approval of the user.

Authenticated push and pull

Typically, most switches only push transactions. Yet the traditional payment process between a merchant and consumer is a pull. Bluechain enables push-only gateways to integrate R2P requests with an acceptance process (pull) and translate that into an authenticated and secure push.

One platform for every type of payment

Simplify back-end processes by supporting them all on one platform. Central banks and switches attempting to deal with a proliferation of payments by cards, mobile money and payment gateways will benefit from Bluechain’s single managed network.

Secure, low-cost payments

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