Streamline your payments and billing with Bluechain integration plug-ins and APIs.

Accounts integration

Bluechain can be integrated with popular accounting software, such as Xero. Whether it’s paying bills or sending invoices for payment, Bluechain automation will save you time. The integration detects specific events and statuses, which trigger actions in the Bluechain app or your accounting software.

Accounts Receivable

Send invoices to your customers as soon as they are approved in your accounting software. Customers receive the invoice directly in their Bluechain app for scheduling and payment. When paid, the status of the invoice is updated in your accounting software with details of the payment, saving you time reconciling the payment to the invoice.

Accounts Payable

When you enter and approve your bills into your accounting software, Bluechain automatically generates the bill for payment and sends it to your Bluechain app for payment. Schedule or pay immediately with the your chosen payment method and Bluechain will update your accounting software with the relevant payment details, again saving you time on reconciliation.

Billing and e-commerce integration

Bluechain APIs eliminate the common causes of fraud in card-not-present transactions. Place a “Pay with Bluechain” button on your site or send the payment request directly to the customers mobile device for approval. You no longer need to worry about PCI compliance or collecting customer card information. The customer approves every payment, so nothing happens without their knowledge and approval, and you are kept updated via our call-back for every change in transaction status.

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