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Streamline bill payments and invoicing by integrating Bluechain with your accounts.

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Accounts receivable

Get paid faster by sending invoices to your customers as soon as they are approved in your accounts. Customers receive the invoice directly in their Bluechain app for scheduling and payment. Your customers can pay you any way they want with an Amex, Visa, or Mastercard credit card or direct from their bank account, and you won’t need merchant facilities. Bluechain keeps you informed about your customers’ intent to pay, taking the guesswork out of managing your debtors. And the invoice status is automatically updated in your accounts, saving you time and money on collections.

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Accounts payable

Bluechain saves you and your bookkeeper time preparing, negotiating and reconciling each payment run. On average, you’ll spend 75% less time on managing bill payments in your accounts. Pay bills in a batch? Part-pay or schedule for later? Automatically pay a recurring bill? Send remittances? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Your bookkeeper will love Bluechain. No need to create a bank file or create payments in the bank portal or chase you to approve the payment. No need to mark bills as paid or untangle differences between the bank account and Xero. It all happens automatically.

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Seamless integration

Integration is so seamless that there is no change to the bookkeeper’s normal daily routine and no additional training is required. Bluechain automates the entire payment process, reducing the workload on your bookkeeper. No need to create a bank file or create payments in the bank portal or chase the owner to approve the payment or mark bills as paid. It all happens automatically. Changes made by the owner in the app are automatically communicated back to the accounts in real time.p>

Improve your cashflow

Bluechain not only saves you time and money, but will also improve your cashflow. Get paid when you want to be paid, pay any bill by credit card (even where cards aren’t accepted), and get more time to pay. Bluechain Finance takes the guesswork out of managing your cashflow and is simple to set up.


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