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Your customers pay you faster and earn rewards, while you earn fees on every payment they make.

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Improve your cashflow

Cut the time and cost of chasing debtors by allowing your customers to pay by card. The payment process is frictionless, with your bill delivered direct to your customers’ payment apps. With one click, they can approve payment, utilising the interest-free period on their premium credit cards to pay you earlier and earn rewards.

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Earn more

Join the Bluechain Referral Partner Program and start earning extra income. You receive an assistance fee on all your customers’ payments—even when they pay someone else. You could be earning thousands more every month (and get paid faster) by just showing your customers how they can earn rewards.

Stay informed

You get updates on your customers’ intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule or reject bills. Bluechain billing gives unparalleled insight into your debtors risk and cash flow.

It’s easy to get started

To get started, just create a Bluechain profile and start signing up your customers to pay by Bluechain. When you’re ready, join the Bluechain Referral Partner program and start earning assistance fees.

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