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Remove the barriers

The payment process is frictionless, with your bill delivered direct to your customers’ payment app. The customer simply approves payment for the due date on their phone and chooses whether they want to pay with a bank account or a credit card. They can even set up an autopayment (like a direct debit) in the app. Because it is so convenient, the customer is more likely to approve the payment on the spot, reducing the risk that will forget to pay by the due date. You get paid faster, and your customers will love the convenience.

Stay informed

Bluechain billing gives unparalleled insight into your debtors risk and cash flow. You get updates on your customers’ intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule or reject bills. And with an early view of your customer’s intent to pay, you’ll get more accurate forecasts of your cash flow, helping you to better manage your own payments and your product or service delivery.

"Late payments from big business to small business are on average 23 days late, and over half (53%) of invoices are paid late."

Xero Small Business Insights

Get paid when you want to be paid

Bluechain has a completely fresh approach to supply chain finance. Instead of relying on your customers to pay by the due date, choose when you want to be paid. Supply chain finance takes the guesswork out of managing your cash flow and is simple to set up.


Earn more

Join the Bluechain Referral Partner Program and start earning extra income. You receive a referral fee on your all your customers’ payments—even when they pay someone else. You could be earning thousands more every month by just showing your customers how they can earn rewards.

Reduce the cost of collections

Bluechain billing makes collections far more efficient, requiring less people to do a better job. Your collections team can proactively approach customers who have ignored or rejected the request to pay and save time by not contacting customers that have already committed to pay. And when a customer promises to pay on a particular date, you know immediately whether they have scheduled the payment in the app.

Forget direct debits

Let’s face it, your customers hate direct debits. R2P is a core Bluechain technology, and when combined with automatic payments, R2P delivers all the benefits of direct debit but without the nasty fees. Your customers will love it, and you’ll enjoy a bunch of extra benefits that only R2P can deliver.

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It’s easy to get started

To get started, just create a Bluechain profile and start signing up your customers to pay by Bluechain. When you’re ready, join the Bluechain Referral Partner program and start earning assistance fees.

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