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Pain-Free Invoice Payments for Express Asphalt Customers

Aggregate Industries is making it easier for you to pay your invoices with the help of Bluechain.

Be one of the first 20 to get a free gift inc Apple AirPods and more.

How Bluechain Makes Payments Work For You

Your Express Asphalt invoices will appear in your Bluechain app.
Choose to pay any invoice immediately, on the due date, or schedule for a date that suits you*
Select your preferred payment method and whether to pay in full or in parts.*
Done and dusted - your invoice will be automatically paid on the date(s) you selected.

* invoices must still be settled within the agreed payment terms and deadline

Getting Started Couldn't be Simpler

Here are the steps to take control of paying your invoices.

  • Click on the sign up button and you will be taken to the Bluechain registration.
  • Once registered, you will immediately receive an email with details on how to install the app.
  • Launch the Bluechain app. Click ‘Get started’ and follow the set up instructions.
  • That’s it. You’re set up and now you will start to receive your Express Asphalt invoices in the Bluechain app.

Ready to get started


Speak to our Team

And we'll be in touch to take you through step-by-step.

Phil Rice, Head of Credit
"Aggregate Industries are always looking for new ways to make our customers' lives easier. After extensive testing, we’ve found that the Bluechain app will do just that. We’re proud to work with Bluechain to give customers like you the ability to pay our invoices in one of the easiest ways possible." Phil Rice, Head of Credit Aggregate Industries

Bluechain - The Payment App You Can Trust

When it comes to billing, we’re on a mission to make the whole process simple and painless.

£63m invoice value settled via Bluechain
14,000+ individual invoices received in Bluechain
1951+ suppliers paid using Bluechain

Making Payment More Secure

By settling invoices on mobile via the Bluechain app, we’re further reducing the risk of payment fraud. Plus, Bluechain’s technology means payment data is never in transit therefore eliminating the chance of someone stealing it.

**Terms & Conditions

  • You must download the Bluechain app to qualify. The first 20 people to receive and pay their invoice(s) within the Bluechain app before the end of February will receive their choice of a free gift.
  • Having fulfilled the above requirements, you’ll be contacted via email to confirm you are one of 20 to receive a gift. 
  • Bluechain will email you a link to select your gift within 72 hours of confirming you are one of the 20 customers. 
  • A maximum of one gift will be given per company.
  • You must be an Express Asphalt customer.
  • If you have any questions please contact [email protected]
  • Once 20 Express Asphalt customers have each received their gift confirmation no further gifts will be offered. However, Express Asphalt customers can still download the Bluechain App to benefit from a better payment experience.