Fraud in mobile payments continues to rise despite increased fraud prevention efforts by merchants

The Mobile Payments & Fraud 2017 Report sheds light on the current status of payments in the mobile channel from the merchant perspective. With over 800 merchants participating in the 2017 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey, spanning small and large merchants in every part of the globe, the survey provides a reliable and independent measure of trends in the mobile channel.

92% of merchants reported increased fraud in the mobile channel as a percentage of their total transactions.

Some key findings of the survey were that the mobile channel is growing as a portion of merchant revenue and that more merchants are increasing their efforts to support the mobile channel. Merchants showed increased support for most features, platforms, and payment types, but most reported increased costs and growing fraud in the mobile channel.

Three out of every four merchants indicated that they are using multiple tools to detect and prevent fraud in the mobile channel, while 46% of merchants use six or more tools for fighting mobile fraud, and 16% of merchants use eight or more mobile risk management tools or services.

46% of merchants are using six or more fraud prevention tools to prevent fraud in the mobile channel.

AVS and CVV tools remained the most popular among both large and small merchants. However, larger merchants preferred Complete Fraud Protection, Fraud Scoring and Velocity Checks more than smaller merchants. This is likely due to the more complex and expensive implementation of these anti-fraud tools.

The large number of tools needed for mobile fraud prevention is due to the diversity of mobile payment devices, platforms and mechanisms. Notably, 60% of merchants considered that browser-based mobile payments represented the highest risk of fraud and that specialized fraud management tools were needed for m-commerce.

The study provides further evidence that m-commerce is as fraud-prone as e-commerce and that merchants are bearing the growing cost of supporting the bewildering array of mobile payment platforms and fraud prevention tools applied as band-aids to outdated payment schemes.

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