Bluechain will preview its next-gen domestic payment scheme at the Central Bank Payments Conference June 26-28

If you plan to attend the Central Bank Payments Conference in Amsterdam 26–28 June 2017,  be sure to connect with us for a preview of our new domestic payment platform and discover how it fosters cash-lite and inclusive economies, provides greater control over data sovereignty, reduces fraud, and lowers costs.

Our Managing Director of Africa, Yoku Korsah will be coordinating the session on Cashless societies: will we see them? Is it a dream or a nightmare for central banks? As a lead corporate sponsor at this inaugural event, Bluechain is also sponsoring a luncheon and cocktail reception, where you can also speak with us.

“Central banks need solutions that allow them to regain control of domestic payments, tighten security and foster greater financial inclusion. The Bluechain platform shifts control of the domestic payments market away from international card schemes, and back to national regulators and the domestic payments industry,” said Michael J. McAuley, CEO of Bluechain. “Freed from the restrictions of an expensive and fraud-prone card-based technology, Bluechain-powered domestic payment platforms can deliver significant cost savings in every payment scenario, including merchant POS, mobile payments, unattended sales, in-app, e-commerce, bill payments, P2P and more.”

The Bluechain payment platform is especially appealing to central banks because it fosters greater financial inclusion and fee transparency, while decreasing fraud and transaction costs. Unique features of the Bluechain solution include:

  • Secure across an open network: Bluechain is built on a new security paradigm that eliminates the need for exposing cardholder data or bank account details during a transaction. The transaction data can be safely transmitted across Bluetooth or any open network to create a more seamless payment experience.
  • Consistent user experience: Bluechain uses one app for every type of payment, giving users a consistent experience whether paying bills, shopping in-store, buying online, or sending money peer-to-peer. The easy-to-use app develops familiarity and trust, driving user adoption across the platform.
  • Low-cost merchant acquisition: Merchants can accept Bluechain transactions on their existing iOS, Android or Windows tablets or smartphones without the need for dedicated and expensive merchant hardware. With the addition of the optional card-reader, Bluechain merchants can also accept non-Bluechain (eg. Visa/Mastercard) payments on the same device. The Bluechain GlobalCard allows Bluechain customers to purchase from non-Bluechain merchants, in-store, over the phone or on the Internet. Smaller businesses can automate and accept payments without a complicated and costly POS system.

See the full press release for more information. If you’d like to set up a meeting at the event please email [email protected].