Softech recognizes Bluechain with awards for Most Innovative CTO and Excellence in Secure Payment Technology

Bluechain is pleased to announce we have received the 2017 Softech INTL Award for Excellence in Secure Payment Technology. In addition, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Bluechain inventor, Craig Glendenning, has been named Australia’s Most Innovative CTO.

It’s an honour to be recognized by the international financial services and technology communities for Bluechain’s innovative next-gen payment platform that raises the standard for addressing card fraud for banks, lowering costs for retailers, increasing mobile adoption, and safeguarding customer data to deliver unmatched value for every user.


A progressive CTO with CFO-like focus

Our founder, Craig Glendenning, built his 30-year career on the development of innovative solutions that address critical banking industry issues. Craig worked for Commonwealth Bank of Australia where one of his significant achievements was the development of the BPAY bill payment system. He developed payWave for VISA and pioneered its first mobile contactless solution (similar to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay), which was the first successful application of near-field communication (NFC) technology with a payment system. VISA payWave has significantly enhanced the customer’s shopping experience: in Australia, more than 70% of EFTPOS transactions are now contactless.

After BPAY and VISA, Glendenning realized that a universal payment system was needed for every situation (in-store, online, by-phone, in-app) from any business or customer account or card, to any other business or customer account or card (pay anyone, bill pay, pay me). He patented a number of new solutions and is in the final stages of securing others, now held by Bluechain Pty Ltd.

The Bluechain platform sets new benchmarks for cost management, security and versatility. Central payment networks, banks and merchants are empowered with secure in-store, online, in-app and remote transaction capabilities, across all payment channels.

Please read the press release for complete details on the awards.