MyState trial enters phase 3

Having successfully completed the phase-2 trial objectives (creation of bank account eCards and nearby user-to-user payments), the MyState-Bluechain trial has now entered the next phase. In Phase 3, we will be testing the new merchant point-of-sale (POS) app and relaxing some of the restrictions on which cards can be linked to eCards. An expanded range of Bluechain and non-Bluechain payment options will also be available with the new POS solution, with printed receipts, including:

  • Debit card eCard (any issuer)
  • Credit card eCard (any issuer)
  • Bank account eCard (MyState only)
  • Bluechain user-to-merchant payments (all eCards)
  • Bluechain user-to-user payments (bank account eCards only)
  • Contactless card payments (any card)
  • Swipe/dip card payments (any card)
  • Cash