1.80% and double reward points in June

This month, we’re cutting 0.15% off our standard rates* on all credit card payments. Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders get the extra bonus of Amex’s current double points offer. Now that’s a sweet deal!

Amex: 1.80% +GST
Visa/Mastercard: 1.65% +50c +GST

Expires 30 June

Existing Bluechain users will automatically get the reduced rates from now until the end of June on all new credit card payments. If you have already scheduled any payments for June, you will need to reschedule them to ensure the lower rate applies.

New users who want to maximise their reward points by using credit cards to pay all their bill payments can register here. You pay by credit card even when the biller doesn’t accept your preferred credit card. You will get the reduced rates through June and then our highly competitive rates* on payments after June 30.

Register now

If you don’t have the time now, bookmark this page in your browser or send yourself a reminder for later.

* The advertised rates apply to credit card payments submitted between now and 30 June 2020. Note that the rate is determined on the date the payment request is submitted to Bluechain (not the date of payment). The following standard convenience fees will otherwise apply: American Express 1.95% + GST; Visa/Mastercard credit card 1.8% + 50c + GST. Rates on Visa/Mastercard debit card payments remain unchanged at 0.8% + 50c + GST.